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Winter Tyre Proposal?
I decided to buy cheap aluminum rims "Dezent TD black" and put on the winter tires that have gotten the "A" on wet surface (only "A" in Europe). 

The tires are Nokian WR D4 215/65 R16 102H +RDKS. Nokian is a well known company from Finland seems to be kind of the inventor of winter tyres.

I paid 890,- EUR inkl. shipping, delivery  took about 5 days.

I did not want to have silver rims as the car is silver and chances are high that the two silvers do not match - so I went for black rims. The RDKS (German abbrev. for tyre pressure control system) did recognize the tires the next day so everything is fine now....

[Image: IMG-20161130-WA0003-sm.jpg]  [Image: 20161202_134504-sm.jpg]  [Image: 20161202_134448-sm.jpg]
KADJAR Experience ENERGY dCi 130 4x2, Winter, Safety, PDC v+h / 4992

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