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EOC system is fine in RS3 and fun to use
For the new ability that recently came back as someone. The mtx does impact you ingame. But, what gets to buy RS gold you is that the lack of clarity and content updates in communications regarding this. While all of the mtx upgrades, and promotions and"yak tracks" (battlepasses) just keep on trucking. The final true content update was in March, and we all just got word about that they began working on gwd3 recently. How are you hoping to retain any gamers like this?

It is a game that is gorgeous. The majority of players' expertise with MTX are their 2 Treasure Hunter secrets. Anything else needs to be seeked out from the player. I am not a big fan of the aesthetics of RS3 generally, although I'm not certain how much the MTX can be blamed on that. Possessing daily spins is already enough to turn me off from RuneScape to be honest, making it feel as a telephone game. I've got a maxed account on rs3 and Jagex really did a great job at polishing battle. The biggest hurdles are the tick system making 4taa a casual meta and there are a lot of issues with lifeless clicks that the playerbase always brings up but Jagex does not fix.

I have had transmitting half of my keyboard, and enough with switch scape. Seriously you gotta use ring of vigour when you use an alt, change to asylum then change to lotd when you finishing the kill (you got 10 fingers). Switch to gram staff. Switch at solak and much more. It has rather annoying boss mechanics on all of the new bosses, since they are all instant kills or 2 instant kills. Worst part is you can't even teleport from the newer bosses, even when you understand your gonna die. So you just got to sit there and die and pay the absurd gravestone fees. Idk, most of my bossing was super fun.

EOC system is fine in RS3 and fun to use. What has been lost in the years as is the quirkiness of RuneScape which makes it distinctive as a MMORPG (even osrs doesn't really capture the quirks and nuances of the"best" version of RuneScape within my own eyes ). Particular developments removed idiosyncrasies and substituted them with bland content. Where is the magic, the suspense, the activity in divination that virtually every other gathering skill has? I feel that Jagex was trying too hard when they put out divination and today, invention (do not even get me started on that crap skill).

I really could go on and on, but as a side note, herbs at rs3 went up so I have to check what my slayer tab is at now and maybe I might come back and finish maxing. Reading what you're saying about divination, I think you might enjoy archeology. It makes you really wish to old school runescape gold continue training and discover new things.

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