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Where are the fuses?
Q: can't find a specific fuse, in this case for the horn. Where is it?

A: You have 4 different fuse boxes in the car. I've located them, opened them and took a picture from the fuses and the fuse layout. The 2 boxes right and left from the dashboard are well known although I did not find the little pliers to remove the fuses.
Beside these 2 boxes there are 2 more boxes in the engine compartment besides the starter battery. You just have to remove the "snorkel" of the air cleaner. The smaller of these contains the 15A horn fuse as well as the relay for the horn.

Hier are some pictures:
[Image: BeifahrerseitePlan.jpg]  [Image: BeifahrerseiteSicherungen.jpg]  [Image: FahrerseitePlan.jpg]  [Image: FahrerseiteSicherungen.jpg]

[Image: MotorgrossPlan.jpg]  [Image: MotorgrossSicherungen.jpg]  [Image: MotorraumkleinPlan.jpg]  [Image: MotorraumkleinSicherungen.jpg]

[Image: MotorraumAusbauA.jpg]  [Image: MotorraumAusbauE.jpg]
That goes for the right hand drives - could you post a picture of the fuse layout and the fuse box itself?
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