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New Kadjar Forum
Thank you for good words and support. The only way as i know to migrate old forum is to get old database but big question if is worth it with so much spam?
It would be worth it, because you could sort that out before. But the macca problem stays the same: he is the only one who has his hands on the database and I tried to contact him on all forums he is still in but to no success at all.

To avoid this problem for the future we would need here at least 3-5 moderators that are allowed to delete posts and users.
I started to migrate my content from the old forum to here, please have a look at this thread:

Maybe could we agree in moving our own threads similiar to that?
1. give a simple but "talking" headline
2. put on the first place the original question or problem
3. put below the 3-5 relevant answers
4. leave out all the bla-bla
5. let's not copy pictures from other users, the copyright is theirs. The information itself in the threads is not copyrighted afaik
KADJAR Experience ENERGY dCi 130 4x2, Winter, Safety, PDC v+h / 4992
Today and with this circumstances is the only way - make new topic copy main question and answers.
All established members if they wish to be active here should just reply to all posts in a friendly and helpful way, even if they haven't a clue regarding advice. Direction to here or there is better than no response.

I would volunteer to act in some form as a moderator if my responses are seen as helpful and informative, provided the new forum accepts some attempt at humour, because without it and it's acceptance? well?
I'm sorry for technical problems but first hosting provider was terrible with mysql errors and i moved temporaray on other server but now forum is on paid hosting
I would like to buy more apropriate domain name maybe you have some proposition?

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